Ministry Teams

Disciples of Jesus Christ are naturally missional. Guided by the Great Commission and Great Commandment, we at First College desire to make a difference in many facets of life. As a ministry, we leverage our time, talents, and abilities for our church, for our campus, and for our community. Our ministry teams work to create opportunities to serve, encourage participation in a variety of areas, and establish partnerships in our area for recurring service. The mission of our ministry teams work to encourage, enable, and equip our students to serve our church, campus, and community.

Campus Engagement Team 

A major focus of our ministry is to reach students at both Blinn College and Texas A&M University with the good news that has changed our lives. To do this, we seek ways to engage students in conversations, connect students to one of our events, and simply to bless them with items to help make the day better. How will you live intentionally for your campus?

Church Engagement Team:

The church is the collection of believers who are called to use our unique gifts, talents, and passions to serve one another and the world. We are an intergenerational church (many people from birth through retirement) that values the contribution of all of its members. Students in our ministry are encouraged to serve in children, youth, music, and many other ministries in our church. Where will you serve?


For Our (2).png
Community Missions Team 

The community in which a church meets should be positively affected by the church that meets within it. If we failed to be for our community, we would fail to do our responsibility as a church. As a result, we have multiple ways in which you can seek justice, bring good, and share the gospel both in word and deed to those in our community. Currently, we have a food pantry serving 100+ weekly, kids club sharing consistently with neighborhood children, and many partnerships with pregnancy centers, women rehabilitation facilities, and inner city mission work.

How will you make a difference in your community?